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Vava's Coaching Programs

      Youth                 High School                       College                                       International

I enjoy equally all levels of coaching from recreational youth soccer, to club soccer, to high school soccer, to college soccer, to coaching at the national level. Each level affords unique rewards and opportunities to teach, not just soccer, but also the value of consistent hard work and mental discipline, and for the high school and college players, the value of education and preparation for the future.

World United FC 2000

Youth Teams: MVLA CYSA U10-U11 Boy's futsal and soccer coach, from 2005
Head Coach Stanford Landslide CYSA, U15-U18 Boys, 2006 - present


Stanford Avalanche CYSA U18 Girls

Head Coach Stanford Avalanche CYSA U17-U18 Girls, 2005 - 2007
Los Altos High School Boy's Varsity Head Coach, 1999-Present
Head Coach World United FC Men's, Girls,' and Boys' futsal and soccer, 1995-Present



Foothill College Head Coach Men's soccer, 1992-2003, Coast Conference Coach of the Year twice (2001 and 2003)










             Foothill College Men's Soccer Team 2003

National and International Player and Coach

Cafu with Vava 1994 World Cup                            1994 Brazil World Cup Team in background, Vava with Santa Clara University Coach Jerry Smith and friends

· Assistant Coach of the U.S. Men's Futsal National Team, 1999-Present.
· December of 2004, Taipei, China, FIFA World Futsal Championship (United States, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, and Spain)
. Champions CONCACAF (Central and North America) 2004

· 1994 World Cup FIFA Coordinator for the Brazilian Men's National Team
· 1994 World Cup FIFA Site Coordinator at Foothill College (Training Fields for Switzerland, Sweden and Colombia)
· 1999 World Cup Liaison for the Brazilian Women's National Team.

In 1994, the United States hosted the world's biggest event, the World Cup of soccer. As FIFA Coordinator for the Brazilian Men's National Team, I translated and assisted in all negotiations between the Brazilian delegation, FIFA and Santa Clara University. In addition, as FIFA Site Coordinator at Foothill College,

In 1999 FIFA I was the official FIFA Liaison for the Brazilian Women's National Team during the Women's World Cup held in the United States. I was responsible for the Brazilian Women's National Team while the team traveled around the United States for the duration of their two-month stay and was spokesperson for the Brazilian Women's National Team.

Some Vava Personal Background


Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Came to the United States from Brazil in 1986.

Played for Foothill in 1986-87 and 1987-88, Team Captain and All-American in 1988

Goiania Esporte Clube, Goiania, Brazil, 1981 , Vava begins training with the Professional team



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